Things to consider when you are hiring for furniture removal service


Many times we usually wander for a good furniture removal service. This is a very common requirement in most of the cases. There are many companies who may assure you about their service, but at the right moment, they fail to provide the basic service. This creates a lot of confusion among the clients and they finally get disappointed with their service. However, the company should take utmost care of providing the best service to their clients. They should not move from the words and for this, you must hire Auckland furniture removals.

Important Things to be kept while hiring furniture removal companies:

There are some very vital points that should be always kept in mind when you are opting to appoint a furniture removal company.

  • The first and foremost thing in this case that, you should always keep a watch on the track record of the companies before hiring them. For this, you can go to their website and go through the reviews or either opt to visit the office and talk to the executives. They are always ready to serve the people.
  • Also, don’t forget to judge the capability of the company. It is very vital in this case. There are many companies who are capable of doing specific jobs. So talk to them and inform them about their type of furniture removal.
  • Also, don’t forget to check and ask about their equipment and tools. Besides this, check the vehicles that they take while relocating the goods. Most of the companies in the present time use high equipment and tools for carrying out the work.
  • Keep a good eye upon the cleanliness of the companies. There are many companies who can simply carry the work but will keep the whole place dirty. While relocating the goods the companies should also clean the place from where they are carrying the goods. This is also included within their duty.
  • Pricing also sometimes becomes an important issue. You should also look after the cost of relocating furniture. The companies should not demand any amount that is quite higher than their service.

Chief Features of Furniture Removal Companies:

Reports say that the cost of furniture removal depends on the type and amount of furniture. If the furniture’s are quite heavy, then the amount increases to some extent. This is because for packing such furniture’s different type of boxes and related things are required.

The price they charge is inclusive of the labor cost, cost of fuels and other related things. In most of the cases, the companies do not take any prior charges. All of them can be paid after the work is completed. The company’s main motto is to satisfy the client. Apart from this, most of the employees are very trained and skilled. They can easily tackle and handle any type of work.

So it is always recommended to verify the above mentioned facts before hiring an experienced and professional company for relocating furniture. In fact, it should be made as a mandatory rule.



BAY OF PLENTY TIMES Bay of Plenty heroes honoured for their selfless community service

Seventeen Bay of Plenty residents have been honoured for their services to the community at the 2018 local Kiwibank Local Hero Awards.

As part of the 2019 New Zealander of the Year Awards, Tauranga deputy mayor Kelvin Clout presented the recipients with medals at Classic Flyers Museum on Wednesday night.

In a written statement, Clout said: “Our region’s 17 local heroes demonstrate the acts of charity, commitment and selflessness which is what holds a community together.”

“Many of these individuals are inspiring members of our community who have all uniquely touched the lives of others,” he said.

The heroes are:

– Noel Kelly, from Mount Maunganui, known as the “Pillar of Hawea St” has made an invaluable contribution to community and Arataki Kindergarten. Kelly was the groundskeeper of the kindergarten for more than 40 years until he reached the age of 90 and on odd weekends can still be found at the kindergarten weeding.

– Rupal Mehta, vice chairwoman of the Shakti Tauranga Ethnic Women’s Support Group, who for more than 14 years has spent thousands of volunteer hours supporting family violence victims.

– Oropi’s Melvern Wainright, a highly respected leader involved with volunteer emergency groups, including Youth Search and Rescue Tauranga and Oropi Fire Brigade.

– Viv Jones, Mount Maunganui, for her tireless work with the Macular Degeneration New Zealand, which she founded nine years ago. Jones has raised more than $167,000 for the cause.

– Lisa Sarsfield, Gate Pa, has been the St John Ambulance Service Youth Volunteer division manager for more than four years. She also makes care packages for the homeless and the women’s refuge.

– Beachhaven Family support services manager Gale Gordon from Te Puke has spent a lifetime helping those in need, including being foster mum to 52 children.

– Tauranga’s Tracey Carlton her tireless efforts in leading and running the community response to homelessness in Tauranga with “Street Kai” and for helping people find proper housing.

– Gaelene Falconer, Tauranga, has been the Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau facilitator of the Look Good Feel Better organisation supporting cancer patients for more than 18 years.

– Mount Maunganui’s Su Hodkinson has spent years working as a social worker, supervisor and care protection co-ordinator at Child, Youth and Family. Known as Rubbish Womble, Hodkinson carries rubbish bags with her nearly everywhere she goes, helping keep the streets of Mount Maunganui clean and green.

– Ian Shearer, Whakatane, has worn many hats, including being a pioneering research scientist, former cabinet minister, acting director of Waitangi Tribunal, and Whakatane district councillor.

– Former Crusty Demons member and Youth Encounters founder Mary Wanhill from Tauranga for Youth Encounters, a dirt biking programme for youths aged 11 to 24 years lacking purpose, struggling at school and/or marginalised.

– Anchor AIMS Games coach Sharon Horne from Mount Maunganui for her dedication to helping students develop confidence and become better people. She also tutors Kapa Haka and Pacifika students.

– Hailey Trappitt from Tauranga has been recognised as one of the youth ambassadors travelling with Mike King on his nationwide 2018 I AM HOPE tour.

– Kiwi-Bianca McLeod-Ohia, leader of Tamapahore Marae, for her achievements as a player and coach of several netball teams.

– Kirsti Kay, Tauranga, a horse riding instructor, local riding for the disabled coach and ambulance paramedic, who flew to Christchurch to help find lost people under the rubble during the city’s earthquakes.

– Orchardist Graham Dyer uses his skills to beautify the parks in Tauranga and has selflessly gifted a collection of kauri trees to the development of Sydenham Botanic Park.

– Lance Campbell, head instructor of the Katikati’s Global Jiu Jitsu Academy, for teaching Katikati youth, often unpaid.

Kiwibank chief executive Steve Jurkovich said the awards honoured and thanked people who made a huge difference in their communities.

This year 322 medals will be presented nationwide with one New Zealand Local Hero of the Year winner announced at a gala event in February next year.

NZ Herald

Comment: The real reason cycle lanes are always empty


I’m not a cyclist. I don’t own a bike and I hate the feeling of Lycra . I drive my car over offensively short distances sometimes and I’m unapologetically lazy about walking to the shops.

My only bias is being a big fan of whatever makes moving around Auckland a bit easier because, as anyone who’s spent more than a few hours in the 09 knows, getting around in Auckland can be a goddamn nightmare.

There’s a surprisingly simple reason cycle lanes are so empty and, despite the loud naysayers, it’s not because no one uses them. Cycle lanes are often empty because they are so efficient. Your cycling workmates are already at work, showered and ready to start annoying someone with some kind of annoyingly accurate stat about their carbon footprint . Meanwhile, you (and me) are still sitting at the stupid traffic lights on the motorway onramp.

For every negative statistic you can find for bike lanes, I can find you 27 worse ones for cars and buses.

Public transport in Auckland is a complete shambles. I have lost count at the number of times I’ve had to pay for a taxi ride home or call someone asking if they could pick me up because the bus that was supposed to take me home after a late shift didn’t show up.

The reality is: people who want a reason to complain about something, will always find one. If cycle lanes were always congested, with queues of cyclists trying to make their way into and out of town (the bloody cheek of these people), people would slam them as inefficient. Because cycle lanes are always empty, they slam them as ” useless ” .

I’m never going to ride my bike to or from work. That sounds exhausting and, honestly, I don’t want to deal with helmet hair. But I love cycleways. I love the fact that they take cars off the motorway and make my journey slightly easier. I love that I can annoy cyclists by going for runs along them with my headphones on so I can’t hear them when they come whizzing by and shouting “on your riiiiiight!”. I love that they’re a safe way to get around. I like knowing that a city like Auckland, with no subway and a very limited train network, is building a cycle network worth being proud of.

“But the cycleway takes away carparks right on the main street!” Yeah, ok, Karen. I never find any parking on the main street anyway so you can be like me and go park on a side street and walk the rest of the way. I don’t know anyone who’s ever stopped going somewhere they needed or wanted to go to just because there was no guarantee of a carpark right outside that door.

And as for the numbers and the forecasts and the complicated maths, I don’t actually care and I don’t think you should either. No one is counting how many people use the designated car parks for parents in my local supermarket. We all just agree that, regardless of whether two people or 200 people use them, it’s important to have them. No one cares how many people visit any of the local parks near you. No one is going to say “Only 217 people a month go to that park, shall we just knock it down a build a carpark?”. We just leave them be, because they’re important pieces of infrastructure for a liveable city. So why are we so uptight about tracking down how many people use a cycleway? Why does it matter?

We can’t be the city we want to be in 50 years if we don’t start working towards it now. Imagine if 50 years ago we’d built a subway network underground? We’d all be getting in and out of Auckland so much faster these days, instead of clogging up the motorways on this seemingly day-long rush hour we live in. We can’t be short-sighted and assume that, because not many of us will use it now, it’s not worth investing in.

There’ll always be people unhappy about fewer cars on the road (think petrol companies, mechanics) and it’s naïve to assume there is anything out there in the world that will ever be unanimously and universally loved . Of all things to hate, cycleways should be really low on your list. So low that, by the time you get to get angry about it, you might actually realise they were a great idea all along.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but since it already sounds exactly like that’s what I’m doing, I suggest you leave the cycleway alone and start getting upset at things worth getting angry about, like the price of milk and cheese in a country full of cows.

NZ Herald

James Bulger killer Robert Thompson had a ‘better life’ because of murder

The father of James Bulger last night reacted with fury after one of the toddler’s killers admitted he had enjoyed a “better life” as a result of being locked up for a crime which shocked the United Kingdom.

Robert Thompson also said he had benefitted from “a better education” during eight years in a secure unit after he and Jon Venables were convicted of murdering the 2-year-old, a documentary to screen tonight in the UK reveals.

When the 10-year-olds abducted and killed James in Bootle, Merseyside, in February 1993, serial truant Thompson was by his own admission “completely out of control… committing crime and causing trouble”.After almost a decade of intensive attention at Barton Moss secure unit in Manchester, he told a Parole Board considering his application to be freed that his time being held in the unit had brought huge benefits.

In papers revealed in a documentary to be broadcast on Channel 5 tonight, Thompson says: “I do feel aware that I am now a better person and have had a better life and a better education than if I had not committed the murder.

“There is obviously an irony to this but it is part of my remorseful feelings as well.”

But last night James’s father Ralph said the confession confirmed what he and James’s mother Denise had long believed – that Thompson and Venables had been rewarded rather than punished for the crime.

“For 25 years I have insisted that Thompson and Venables have been rewarded not punished for murdering my baby son,” Bulger, 51, told the Daily Mail.

“The message here is horrific – kill a child and you will get a privileged and cosy life in return.

“I have always said that these pair have never been punished at all.”

The cost of locking up the two killers was put at £2.5 million in 2001, when they were released on licence.

“When these two were still locked up they went without nothing,” Bulger added.

“They got a first class education, counsellors and therapists while James’s family was thrown to the wolves with our grief. It terrifies me that this sends out a message that you can commit a crime as heinous as killing James and get away with it.”

Thompson told the Parole Board he had lied about his involvement after being overwhelmed by the public revulsion to their crime.

But he insisted he was now “deeply ashamed… of having played a part in this horrible murder”.

However Bulger continued to reject Thompson’s claim to be remorseful.

“Their false words mean nothing to me,” he said. “They might have hoodwinked the Parole Board and the do-gooders who let them out but they will never deceive me.”

Thompson, now 35, has managed to stay out of trouble since being released with a new identity in 2001.

However, Venables is in jail for the second time for downloading child pornography.

NZ Herald

Why Should You Hire AV Services?

It’s quite difficult to predict what one might need when it comes to AV gears that one has to arrange for an event. Not only can the jargon related to it is new to you, but it can turn out to be really expensive. So unless your organization hosts large events frequently, it’s not worth it to buy a major part of the AV equipment. To release your stress load there are professional AV hires Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga and from other places who offer their services for hire. Hiring AV services is the right way to ensure that you get a host of gears, equipment, and expertise under your beck and call, ready to solve any issues.

Here’s why hiring one is important:

  • AV hire offers expertise and intelligence regarding all AV matters. It’s like a one-stop shop for your needs which additionally comes with all the possible equipment that one might need.
  • You can stand at the podium or stage and speak with the the confidence of someone who knows that nothing can go wrong with a team of specialists on standby. It will be nothing short of a perfect event.
  • You will get to choose from a wide variety of new gears for your event. Even if you don’t need them, you will still have the option to choose instead of making it work with a few gears you purchased.
  • There will be a group of technicians who will carry out the whole setup, starting from delivery to installation and more. You will also get the required assistance as well as support for your event.
  • Hiring an AV team will ensure that you have peace of mind and will get to fully concentrate on meeting clients, preparing presentations or other areas of work.

How To Work With An AV team?

Communicate with your AV team

Communication is a key always as the terminology related to AV can get confusing. But what’s important is that you don’t worry too much about it and just focus on making a working rapport with your AV people. An ideal and reputed AV service, on the other hand, will also try its best to ensure that you understand the terms enough to describe the problem to them in case it occurs at a time when the team isn’t even on site.

Use Online help as well

As said above, you might encounter technical issues when the AV team has packed up and gone home for the night. Using their online helpline will help you get the service and support necessary to get the AV gears back working again, or at least they will help you manage the situation till someone from the team reaches your destination. Although you should ask if there’s any additional cost for availing the online support as many AV services do levy an additional cost.

These little ways and steps will help you work with the AV guys in tandem and with little hassle. Always keep in mind that a little communication can go a long way in making the event a success.

Why elderly people require home care?

When your loved ones are growing older then that person will start to experience different sort of changes in their body be it emotional, physical or mental. During such time they are more dependent on the other people for minimum assistance.

So if you are unable to provide that constant care and attention that is needed for monitoring their health then it is the right time when you should consider hiring aged home care services. Some the reasons why it can be beneficial are stated below:


  • If an elder person is not healthy from within then they will not appreciate the idea of living at a place which is not their home for getting several caregivers and constant services. If you are taking them away from the natural atmosphere which they get in their house then they will show the cognitive decline and their health will start deteriorating. So by providing them in-home care, you are making them stay at their personal space with their belongings and neighbors along with their family members.


  • If you see that your loved ones are becoming weak day by day then you can hire the caregivers who will monitor their entire nutrition and needs. They will go to the grocery shopping and keep on feeding the person with nutritious food that will help in boosting their health. These home care services will also offer with the preparation of the meal and providing it to the time to time. In this way, the person can develop stronger bones, better memory, and many more health benefits.


  • Due to cognitive decline, the senior people are unable to perform all the minimal household work. So you can provide them with the assistance which will help them to clean up the messes, spills and all the dirty places and remove the unwanted odors so that they can live in a clean and hygienic atmosphere.
  • If the person is recovering from any surgical procedure or illness, then it is an important decision to keep them at home and provide them with all the care that they need. You will need to hire qualified professionals who will provide the person with in-home care so that the elderly person is recovering quickly.
  • There are several seniors who are facing challenging situations due to their health condition. They need constant attention starting from bathing, meal preparation, visiting the doctor to medication reminder and many more.


  • As people start aging they will try to isolate themselves and become a patient of depression and loneliness. So by giving them a caregiver, you are providing them with the companionship who will not only bond with the aged person but also help them to attend several community events or functions.


Before you are hiring a caregiver for your loved ones make sure you are going through their background and looking into their field of specialization. Make sure that the person that you are hiring also has minimum knowledge related to basic first aid and other medical requirements in order to help the old patient during an emergency condition.

How to pick the perfect retirement village?

 Retirement villages are very popular nowadays and it is a type of lifestyle change. it will help you in living a life differently and this places will provide with ample facilities which one may require they are growing old. When you’re comparing it with retirement homes it is more efficient because here you will have the liberty of going to any place. You can also invite a guest to your place and the retirement villages are located in several places so you can choose the location according to your preference. But for picking the perfect retirement village you will have to see several factors and most of them is when you are serving the retirement village. The things that you should be doing and asking when you are checking out the retirement village are mentioned below.


  • In the beginning, you will have to decide what type of the village which will suit your lifestyle. You will have to pick whether you want an apartment living or open spaces. Whether you want the village to be near the bush or beach or maybe near the city. There is always a village that will definitely suit all your preferences.
  • Before you are picking a particular village you should go through several villages for picking the preferred destination as well as for comparing as well as contrasting the similarities and dissimilarities between the villages. It will also help you to know about the price or the budget which will be optimum for getting the best retirement village.
  • You should speak to the residents who are living there in order to get the frank to advise as well as know about all the aspect of that village.
  • The manager of the village is responsible for maintaining the village and keeping the village well equipped. They are the most important person who will give you detailed instruction about the village.
  • Every village comes with their own set of rules so you must ask whether you will have to pay on a regular basis for the maintenance or pay the service fee.
  • You should also know about the committee who are engaged in making decisions in the village.
  • You should also ask questions regarding the pet if you have one.
  • You should opt for financial advice as well as check for the independent legal advice in order to ensure whether the village will be appropriate for you or not.
  • Check about the activities and the services which the retirement village is providing. Every retirement village will have regular activities and events. Starting from the knitting group to the movie clubs and game tournaments, retirement villages are the best place for enjoying yourself. It should also have emergency help when needed.

These are the few things that you should be aware of before you are investing in any retirement village. Make sure that you are looking into the location and affordability of the place along with the advantages that you will be provided with. Ensure that your contract is covering all the points that you have been promised to be provided with.

Why should you use a Solar Power in today’s world?

A lot of people often end up asking a very simple question that ‘Why is solar energy good?’ because people fail to understand how important solar energy can change our lives. Now a day’s solar energy is one of the most popular renewable energy sources in the world. Homeowners all across the world have been installing solar power system so they can start using more renewable sources. The main reason why this has got a lot of people interested in very cheap in the long run and helps people save a lot of money. Authorities are encouraging people to start using Solar Panels because they want to decrease carbon footprint. 

Solar Panels are very eco-friendly and do not release any kind of substance which affects mother nature. Solar power does not release any kind of greenhouse gasses and this is the reason people use this to save their environment. The best thing about these resources is that they will never come to an end, hence people can enjoy them even till the end of the time

Solar Electricity makes your home go out of the grid

The prices of Solar electricity are almost negligible. There is one initial cost and after that, there are no other major costs. People who want to cut down their daily costs can simply try this. The solar electricity helps to boost your electricity independence. Having a solar power system will protect you from the unpredictable increase in the cost of electricity. If you are installing it on the roof of your home, then you can very easily become independent.

Proper allocation of Underutilised Land

A lot of people still wonder why solar power and to answer the question we need to have a clear idea about the increase in the need for solar energy. The first reason why solar energy is so much popular is that it is very accessible to people now a day. If you have excess space lying around your home and have some money to spare, then you should definitely go and install yourself a solar power system. It will help you make proper use of your excess space and also let you save lots of money on electricity.

Helps to decrease Electricity Loss

Electricity is generally transferred from one place to another and the whole transportation procedure people end up losing a lot of electricity on a daily basis. The electricity is manufactured at the plant and then transported to each and every home. If you have your solar plant at home, then you can save a lot of money as well as electricity on a daily basis.

Helps in the improvement of Grid Security

If you are planning to switch to solar energy or have already made the switch, then you should have a clear idea in your head that you will be experiencing regular blackouts.

In today’s world, almost every home in the United Kingdom has solar cells installed.

Popular hacks that could be used for the preparation of last-minute milkshake

Milkshakes are such drinks that could be made at the home also with great ease. The only important thing in the making of the milkshakes or thick shakes is that the key ingredient of that particular flavour should not be missing, but what if such a thing happens? Well, there are certain hacks that could be used if you are lacking any of the key ingredients and here is the list.

Hack 1

If you are trying to make a cookie milkshake and you are short of this main ingredient in it, then this hack is for you. The best cookie of all is Oreo and most of the milkshake lovers love this flavour only, but how to make it if you do not have the cookie with you. There are various other options that you can use instead of it, to get the exact taste required. The other cookies that could be used instead of the Oreo one are shortbread cookies, thin mints cookies, and many others. If you were in a mood of making an iced cookie shake and you lack the iced cookie, then you can even use iced chocolate cake as a replacement. This will make change the whole game, without changing the taste of the shake.

Hack 2

This hack is for those who love peanut butter and use them in almost everything they eat. These people love to have peanut butter with their milkshakes also. So, those people out there who are in a mood of making a peanut butter milkshake and do not have peanut butter with them can use the whole peanuts in their blending jar and then can proceed with the making of the milkshake. This will give you the exact flavour and taste of the peanut butter milkshake. Try this one out and you won’t regret.

Hack 3

This hack is for those who like chocolate milkshakes. With a regular making of a chocolate milkshake, we sometimes forget that we are on the verge of completion of it. It is because of this that most of the times; we bring all other ingredients from the market, but forget the chocolate syrup. In such a situation, you do not have to worry at all as we have bought for the best solution. Mix dry chocolate powder in the milk and you are done. You can even use the chocolate extracts instead of the powder. Use this hack and enjoy your delicious shake.

Hack 4

This hack is for the preparation of the double chocolate milkshake. There are people who like this milkshake, but they do not consider the intake of more sugar. For this, starts with a vanilla shake and then to add the chocolate flavour use cocoa powder at the top of it and you are done.

So, these were the popular hacks that one can use for making milkshakes at the last minute. These all are proven hacks and will work definitely.