Perfect Clutch bags

Can you visualize the perfect clutch bag? Well girls get yourselves down to New Look where the perfect clutch awaits you, and read on to find out why the clutch is this season’s most versatile, practical choice of bag!

This season’s styles of clutch are diverse in color and design with snake print detail, animal print, and graphic prints and sparkles all lighting up this season’s perfect clutch! Whether you choose the Hard Box style, the Winged Design, the Envelope Design or the simple Cut-Out Style, the clutch is a subtle, timeless and convenient accessory for every occasion.

Fashion boffins are singing the praises of the nude, and silver color clutches this season, as it’s great to be able to match your bag with several outfits at once, so there is nothing like the versatile clutch for all your fashion needs. The clutch will sit perfectly with this season’s high-wasted jeans, skirts and shorts and the trusty clutch can be used to brighten up the plainest of outfits, or indeed make an outfit perfect for any occasion. This old school ‘mix and match’ fashion approach means your money is well spent on something that won’t need to be hidden away after a one-off outing, and the clutch with its simple, lightweight structure mixes and matches very well. A nude or a silver choice of clutch compliments a variety of styles, so this season’s latest fashion won’t cost you an arm and a leg either!

The clutch is also a great, practical bag for a night out, or for a day’s shopping! On a night out, stow away the absolute essentials safely without carrying a clunky handbag around with you! Armed with this season’s clutch you can float confidently around the dance floor, with the ‘light as a feather’ clutch safely hooked on your wrist, or over your shoulder so you can dance the night away, knowing your bag and valuables are safely stowed where you can see them – on your wrist, in your hand, or slung over your shoulder!

So girls an absolute must-have for this season is the clutch because of its versatility and because it is the latest, hot accessory for this season! Go for the silver or nude color if you want to make your money go further with a clutch that goes with everything, or splash out on the perfect, outrageous clutch just for the thrill of it!