Sell Your Designer Clothes

Are you the next Imelda Marcos? Is your wardrobe bulging with so many designer duds that you could give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money? Would you rather wear a hair shirt than high street? Like many followers of fashion, you probably could do with a little less clothes clutter and a little more money.

Perhaps your designer wardrobe is a little stuck in the past? Most of us have a pile of clothes languishing at the back of the wardrobe that looked fantastic on us 20 years (and 20 pounds) ago. But realistically, are you going to get back into those purple leather trousers? Even if they do remind you of that time you rushed the stage at a Wham concert.

With 70s, 80s and 90s brands such as Halston, Bill Blass and Ungaro making huge comebacks, you could have a goldmine hidden under the bed. Perennial brands like Jean Paul Gaultier and Paul Smith have never gone out of fashion. Even decidedly dodgy styles from the past like crop-tops, fringed leather
Jackets and acid-wash dad jeans have somehow emerged on young fashionistas’ radars, so unearth those outfits from the past and get selling!

Even if your designer clothes aren’t decades old, fashion moves so quickly these days that no sooner have you bought that season’s hottest items, than they’re consigned to the pile called “what was I thinking?!” – remember when ponchos were the height of sartorial elegance? No longer do your fashion mistakes have to darken your door!

While in the past, you might have turned to the likes of eBay to sell designer clothes, independent sellers are moving away from the platform. Big businesses and professional eBayers have seemingly taken over the site, flooding listings with their generic wares, meaning your gems are likely to be lost and overlooked. Fees for sellers are approaching 10% – factor in the cost of packaging, the time and effort spent on writing the listings, constantly checking your inbox and you’ve turned selling your clothes into selling your soul for a few pennies.

If you’re looking to sell designer clothes without the hassle, one of the quickest and easiest ways is to use a site like music magpie. A few drop-down boxes indicating the type and brand of your clothes is all they need to determine how much your clothes are worth. They’ll even pick them up from your house and they can transfer the money directly into your bank account. Which you can then spend on more designer clothes.